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Many of us wake up every morning feeling sluggish and tired and would rather snooze our alarm and sleep in.

Those of us who train in the early hours of the morning, this can play a big role in how well we perform in that training session and potentially lead to us not showing up (which is the first step to creating a bad habit or cancelling!). Here are 4 easy tips to help you change this and kick start your morning:

1. Himalayan salt and lime juice in water

2. Coffee with MCT oils, cream or grass-fed butter

3. Liquorice root extract

4. Improve your sleep

In today's post we're going to focus on the first point... >>>Benefits Of Salt And Lime Water In The Morning<<< Salt has many important functions in the body, and one such function is nourishing the adrenals. If you don’t know, you have two adrenal glands that are responsible for many hormones in the body. One in particular being cortisol. This hormones is involved in energy levels, mood, and managing stress.

Let’s talk cortisol for a minute. You’ve probably heard that cortisol is the stress hormone, and while this is true, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, and to be avoided at all costs. The goal is to efficiently manage cortisol, not eliminate it completely. Ideally, cortisol levels should be highest in the morning, when we are awake and alert, and lowest in the evenings, around the time we are trying to wind down and sleep.

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