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A lot of people come to me with the simple goal of wanting to lose body fat and improve their overall health and well being

However, as simple as this goal is, majority of individuals will go about it the wrong way. There is this misconception that losing body fat is very complicated and includes all these different FADs that you need to abide by

As simple as it is, losing body fat will always be challenging but as individuals we don’t need to complicate it. Sticking to the simple plan of managing your stress levels, creating a healthier lifestyle (through improved quality of sleep, increasing NEAT levels, getting more sun etc) and having a structured nutrition and training plan, can go a very long way in terms of reaching your goals

Yes, as individuals we all require difference plans of attack, but the principles remain the same. We mustn’t be distracted by what we see and hear from mainstream media and social media. Utilise evidence based research, and apply a simple scientific approach

It may be challenging but any goal is achievable with the right plan in motion. As I always say NAIL THE BASICS

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