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This one is for the coaches…

Is your program for your gym taking into account who you are trying to help make progress?

Look around your gym….what do you see? If the answer is that you see people of all types then you are like most coaches, normal!

It’s time that you program for your intended audience. If you are marketing to the masses and you succeed you will get, well, the masses.

You had better program as smartly for them as you can. There is nothing wrong with going after athletes but that talent pool is small. There is nothing wrong with targeting the masses either.

But, in either situation, you owe your group the best training possible and we both know that both of those targets require different help.

Take a moment to reflect on your current audience:

Who are the EXACT people you serve as a coach? (if you don’t have the people who you ultimately want, you need to look at your marketing and your business but that is another article for another time)

What are their current abilities? Strengths? Weaknesses?

More importantly, what are their current goals?

As a coach, we need to take all these factors into consideration to build the best suited program for each of our clients. Yes there will be tweaks and modifications as the weeks go on, however if the end goal isn’t understood then the program is pointless

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