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Weight lifting has long been the domain of men. For women there are a lot of barriers to heavy lifting. Sure, most of your clients will be willing to pick up the 2 or 5 kilo weights and do some easy reps in the hopes of thinning their arms or doing a few squats to try to lose thigh inches, but not many are open to the idea of real, heavy lifting.

Lifting can seem intimidating, especially in a gym where the weight section is dominated by big dudes. And women often fear heavy lifting will make them look like those men.

Trainers know better, and it's up to us to show our female clients how beneficial weight lifting is. Bust their long-held myths, support them as they get started to ensure safety and good form, and help them feel confident in the weight section of the gym.

Women, and anyone of course, get so many benefits from regular weight lifting sessions: added strength and confidence, stronger bones, fat burn and weight loss, better athletic performance, and fewer injuries. It's a win-win-win-win.

In the next part to this series I will discuss the benefits women can expect from lifting weight and undergoing strength training.

If you want to transform your physique, create a healthier lifestyle, get physically and mentally stronger or develop a more strategic approach to training and nutrition, contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION. Don’t wait for the chance to change your life, make it happen!

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