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Benefits Of Salt And Lime Water In The MorninG

Salt has many important functions in the body, and one such function is nourishing the adrenals. If you don’t know, you have two adrenal glands that are responsible for many hormones in the body. One in particular being cortisol. This hormones is involved in energy levels, mood, and managing stress.

Let’s talk cortisol for a minute. You’ve probably heard that cortisol is the stress hormone, and while this is true, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, and to be avoided at all costs. The goal is to efficiently manage cortisol, not eliminate it completely. Ideally, cortisol levels should be highest in the morning, when we are awake and alert, and lowest in the evenings, around the time we are trying to wind down and sleep.

An easy test is to go a day without an alarm and see what happens. If your cortisol timing is right, you should wake up on your own sometime between 6 and 8 am, and be energetic and alert, even before any morning stimulants. If you are groggy and sleepy in the morning, and have difficulty relaxing and sleeping at night, your cortisol optimisation is off. The solution? Resetting your biorhythm, your body’s natural clock.

Lime juice and salt is a very good way to do this, as salt helps the adrenals like we mentioned, which are responsible for cortisol shifts. Salt can also have a positive impact on intestinal health, as it is anti-parasitic and anti-microbial. Aim for 1/4 teaspoon of a coloured salt, and roughly a shot of lime juice 1 tablespoon, in a glass of water. Do this every morning without fail. For coloured salts, there are several options, including Celtic Sea Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt – choose a salt this is not a white table salt.

The lime juice does more than just make the water taste good. Lime juice has a very alkaline effect in our bodies, which is a measure of acidity. In the evenings, pH levels generally decline, becoming more acidic, which is necessary. In the morning you want to re-alkalise your body, to ensure optimal energy production in the cells of your body. Lime juice, and other alkaline supplements such as a greens powder, are very useful for this.

Every morning upon waking, take your 1/4tsp coloured salt, shot of lime juice from a bottle or fresh lime, and throw it in a big glass of water. You’ll improve energy levels, support your adrenal function, manage cortisol, and reset your biorhythm to it’s proper cycle. Not bad for such a simple, easy fix.


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