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Being able to stay in control over your eating habits is going to be tough for ALL of us for the pure fact that we’re at home 90% or more of the time

But why not prepare yourself by setting up devices or strategies that will help you STAY in control of your eating habits? Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it!!??

Many of us solely rely on willpower but that will only get you so far!

A great technique to use to help keep you on track is called Psychological distancing

This technique was taught to me by Luke Tulloch and has served me well with keeping myself on track with my nutrition especially when staying focused is harder than usual

With this technique, you re-frame the situation using a third person perspective. This can be a really strange experience the first few times you do it but it's extremely effective

For example, I might think to myself: “Anthony is feeling hungry and has a choice between Chocolate and an Apple. Which one should he choose?”

In this way, you can almost act like your own coach will stop it helps to be a little more objective and more mindful about your decisions throughout the day

I know it may seem very weird but if you try it on yourself and stay true to what you know you should be doing, it will definitely work for you!

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