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Physiology: Letting yourself get too hungry or tired is the best way to leave yourself vulnerable to emotional eating. When your body is hungry will leave yourself vulnerable to emotional eating. When your body is hungry or tired it sends strong messages to your brain that signal it to eat.

Glucose/Sugar being the quickest form of energy we can consume. Not to mention sugar feeds our ‘bad’ gut bugs such as firmicutes which have been linked to obesity and rebound weight gain after weight loss. Start to become in tune with yourself and know when you are tired, thirsty or emotional.

How to overcome binging?

Sleep: Aim for at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night for optimal hormonal recovery, memory storage and circadian rhythm alignment. Keep your sleep patterns as regular as possible as this will correlate directly to the timing of your meals.

Some easy and simple approaches include:

Incorporate some holistic serotonin and dopamine boosting activities into your week such as:

1. Going for a walk outdoors (less than 7,500 steps per day increases our hunger hormone Ghrelin) - this is why a MINIMUM of 8,000 steps is recommended per day!

2. Breath! - Deep breathing into your belly can help induce a relaxed parasympathetic state.

Meditation or headscape apps

Yin Yoga is a great option as it’s the most therapeutic form of yoga with an array of physical, emotional and mental benefits.

3. Get a massage! - once per month is a great start.

Select foods that include tryptophan into your diet such as turkey and nuts. This will help boost melatonin to help you get to sleep as night. Having carbohydrates at night such as basmati rice or sweet potato to allow your melatonin to cross your blood brain barrier and induce sleep.

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