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A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR WHEN WANTING TO LOSE BODY FAT-Eat You First Meal With Protein In It: No Cereal Allowed

Cereal and other high-carb foods are a poor choice for your first meal of the day. Cereal is bad news because it’s typically packed with carbs and added sugar. In the rare case that you can find a cereal that doesn’t have added sugar, cereal tends to be low in protein.

Instead of a carb-based first meal, go for protein and healthy fat. A high-quality protein meal is essential because it helps set energetic, motivating neurotransmitters up for the day and keeps blood sugar steady. The macronutrient content of the food you eat first thing will prime the chemicals that send messages from the brain to all your muscles and tissue.

If you set your neurotransmitters up with a high-carb cereal, orange juice, and a banana, you’ll trigger a big insulin response, elevate serotonin and end up feeling low energy and foggy in the brain soon after. It’s very difficult to reverse the poor brain function and sluggishness that goes with a high-carb meal.

People tend to counter these feelings of tiredness and with caffeine, which raises cortisol and causes a new round of problems such as anxiety, an excited sympathetic nervous system, and poor energy production.

We preach this to all of our clients because we want to look after their health and well-being first and foremost.

Great examples for breakfast are:

Eggs and avocado or Red Meat and Avocado.

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