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Building lean muscle mass takes time. Eating a tonne of food without tracking calories and macro intake isn’t the answer. The saying ‘Eat big to get big’ isn’t necessarily true as I have seen countless people eat large amounts of food only to put on large amounts of body fat and not a lot of muscle mass

When it comes to eating in a calorie surplus, having a strategic plan to manage increases in body fat is necessary. Here are some tips I use with myself and my clients to drive muscle growth and minimise gaining unwanted body fat;

- Bring your calories up to your maintenance to have a clear starting point

- Increase your calories by 5% for a period of time (I like to increase it for 3-4 weeks)

- Bring your calories back down to a maintenance (I do this for a few reasons but mainly to alleviate the stress of digesting a lot of food and to get an accurate of reading of your basal metabolic rate)

- Increase your calories again by 10% for a period of time (again I like to increase it for 3-4 weeks)

- Continue to fluctuate between your baseline calories and your 5% and 10% surplus

I hope these tips help you on your journey to building the physique you aspire to gain

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