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If your goal is fat loss, the most important thing that you need to be focusing on is being in a calorie deficit.

The type of diet you follow or the type of foods you choose to eat/not eat are irrelevant if the calories you are eating in a day (calories in) are more than the amount of calories you are burning for energy in a day (calories out).

A healthy calorie deficit is a deficit that is customised to YOU. It is based on your current body fat levels and your daily activity levels.

What works for one person won't necessarily work for you because you do not have identical lives or identical bodies.

Ladies, 1,200 or less calories is not the magic number to reaching your fat loss goals. It is not even enough calories to keep your body running through its daily processes when you are doing NOTHING let alone going about your daily life.

Do not be obsessed with the number you see on the scale. A healthy approach to fat loss is one that sees a reduction in scale weight without a loss in muscle mass because muscle is what gives your body the tight and toned look you have in your head when you think 'I need to lose weight'.

A healthy deficit is a deficit that is sustainable with long term results not just results in the first couple of weeks. It's a deficit that doesn't leave you feeling so hungry and so tired that you don't want to exercise or so cranky that you can't handle being around people.

Instead of wasting your money on 'quick fix' products find yourself a Coach that can get you results but more importantly understands how to keep those results and educates you on the importance of a healthy approach to achieving them.

Have a great day!

Coach Kat

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