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This is something I get asked about frequently and my answer is always this, they share similar characteristics even though they are both so different. The approach you take should always be based on certain key principles keeping in mind what your end goal is. I always tell anyone who asks, to select one goal first and focus on that: is it cutting or building?

1. Whether your cutting or building, your health is king. No matter what approach you take, your health should remain number one.

2. Every 4-6 weeks a diet break should be introduced in order to alleviate stress, minimise negative metabolic adaptions, avoid muscle loss/fat gain and give a psychological break from the pressures of long term dieting.

3. Managing stress is a must no matter what approach you decide to take. Your stress management can be a key factor in the progression of your body composition goals. Prioritise your sleep and your recovery.

4. Utilise some form of flexibility within your diet. This will allow you to maintain a positive attitude towards your goals and ease the psychological stress that comes with dieting. In saying this, the lower your calories become the more nutrient dense your food choices should be.

I hope these tips are useful with whatever approach you decide to take on your fitness journey. Always remember though, no goal will come to fruition if there isn’t consistency and patience. Stay mentally tough and keep working hard.

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