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Have you ever worked on a project and taken the easy way out and felt great about it?

When I was in high school I did it with literally all of my assignments and although I passed them all, it still left me feeling dissatisfied with my efforts and ultimately annoyed with myself and my choices because I knew I wasn’t doing my absolute best. I was doing what was easy. The bare necessity

When I started my career mid way through 2010, I knew things needed to be different. My absolute best was the only thing that was going to be tolerated

Fast forward to today, I can’t explain to you how amazing the feeling of fulfilment is whenever I think about what I do and the impact I have on peoples lives

I didn’t take the easy road. I took the hard road and made sure that I earned everything that life has given me

People look at what I do from the outside and aspire to have what I have and they think it’s easy come

Train some people. Charge $100+ per hour. Work minimal hours but earn great money. Train yourself whenever you like. Sound sweet right?

WRONG. This couldn’t be more far from the truth

My response is always, put in your best effort everyday without compromise and you’ll earn whatever it is that you want out of your career

Fulfilment isn’t easy to achieve. But it’s worth it to me. Some people think having fulfilment in your career is a fantasy and I can understand why, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible

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