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There is no bigger frustration than when I see people exercising for the purpose of burning calories.

When you exercise, it’s an opportunity to improve in things like strength, movement in complex exercises, building muscle, improving power output, and the list goes on.

Too many times I see people waste opportunities by simply going through the motions.When you have the opportunity to train FOCUS on what your objective is and use every aspect of your session to the best of your ability so that you get the most out of the time you’ve set aside for your training.

First before anything....GET THE F**K OFF YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU’RE IN THE GYM!Sorry to break it to you but the obsession over checking social media every 5-10 minutes isn’t going to help you one bit with where you want to go with your training or even your life.

When you’re doing the following things what are you focusing on?

1. Pre workout routine 2. Warm up sets 3. Working sets 4. Rest time 5. Post workout ritual

Over the next few days I’ll be explaining to you exactly what goes through my head whenever I do the things listed above.They all serve a very important purpose in my big picture goals in life and training.Call me crazy for relating the mindset of your training to everything you do in life, but I truly believe that the appreciation of your mindset and how much it can help you progress in life has enabled me to achieve things that I never thought possible in both life and training and on top of that I’ve seen it happen time and time again with my clients. It’s amazing to watch.

I also believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. If you’re lazy with important aspects of training then chances are you’ll be lazy with doing a lot of things that aren’t necessarily exciting but important when wanting to improve or progress in life.

Another important thing to note is that; ‘The body will go where the mind tells it to'

Yours in Health,

Coach Anthony Kassis

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