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For many people they encourage any of the following:

1. Total elimination of a certain food group

2. A poor relationship with food

3. Severe restriction of food quantity

4. An unrealistic lifestyle that is very hard to maintain long term

I’m sure you’ve heard me go on one of my rants about why I dislike ‘quick fixes’ or any type of ‘fad diet’ as a solution to all your problems but let me explain to you exactly why I dislike them and I’ll even throw in some studies for all those people that will ask the question of “Do you have any research to back up these outrages statements you’re making”

Obesity has been a huge public health issue for many years

A very popular way of combating this has been the introduction of ‘Fad Diets’ or ‘Extreme Dieting’

Extreme dieting leaves the door open to unrealistic expectations with fat loss as well as a poor relationship with food as they usually and are not sustainable in the long run

Through my experience, I have noticed with people who extreme diet, that the weight that is lost is regained within a short period of time when they go off the diet

In my experience, those who extreme diet, lose weight drastically, but because of the nature of those diets, can’t continue them long term, and therefore suffer a large amount of weight regain

Instead of resorting to such extreme diets, correction of obesity is best achieved and maintained with education on the following:

1. Your body

2. What you need at the current point in time that you start your weight loss journey

3. Education on the effect of Macronutrients on the body

4. Education on Energy Balance

5. Where exercise fits into your schedule

6. Stress Management

7. How to build a healthy lifestyle

8. The importance of SLEEP

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