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Humans are creatures of habit. When we find foods we like, we tend to go back to them, often attaching emotions to enjoyable eating experiences.

This is something that regularly happens with carbs, especially the naughtiest, most processed, sugary carbs. Interestingly, these foods make us feel good because they target the receptors in the brain that convey pleasure and lower stress.

Satisfaction seems hard to gain without some form of processed carb at every meal, whether its bread, cereal, pizza, or dessert.

These foods are problematic because they are high in calories but nutritionally poor. The lack of fiber and high sugar content makes them easy to overeat. Therefore, it’s important to re-train your taste buds by substituting healthier carbs for the unhealthy carbs that constitute most people’s diets.

By swapping out the unhealthy carbs and making smarter choices, you can still get the satisfaction of eating carbs without the constant battle of overshooting calories and feeling guilty.

Complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables and some grains, are lower in calories and contain more fiber, making them the ideal alternative to refined carbs.

Here are some substitutions to try: - Swap out regular rice for cauliflower rice. - Instead of French fries, go for a baked potato or sweet potato. - Choose steel cut oats instead of boxed cereal. - Try pumpkin mash instead of mashed potatoes. - Try zucchini noodles instead of regular spaghetti. - Instead of ice cream, try Greek yogurt with berries on top. - Substitute lettuce or another leafy green for regular bread. However, if you’ve got to have bread, try healthier versions: Sourdough is made from fermented grains, making it more digestible and nutritious than regular bread.

I hope this helps!

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