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If you have experienced irregular cycles or you are missing your cycle completely, you are not alone.

The majority of women will experience some kind of irregularities at some point during their lives which is ok, but it is not normal.

A change to your cycle is a way of your body protecting you. The female body has an amazing ability to sense when there is something wrong and conserve it’s energy in order to survive.

Your menstrual cycle needs a lot of energy each month in order to set itself up ready for reproduction. If you are experiencing a change, then your body has sensed that it needs to save its energy until whatever it wrong has been rectified.

Stress, prolonged calorie deficits, nutritional deficiencies, hormone irregularities and thyroid disorders are just some of the causes that can affect your cycle.

Whether it be a change in the start date, the duration, or missing your cycle completely, be aware that your body is telling you something isn’t right.

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