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The most important thing to remember is that there is no pass or fail here. We all have goals but we also all have different priorities and timelines.

If your priority is staying on track no matter what because you might have a deadline such as a competition; then sticking to a meal plan or particular way of eating might be the best thing for you.

If you are someone who wants to be a bit more lenient/ flexible over this period that is fine also.

The most important thing to remember of all though is that just like one amazing day of complete compliance doesn’t get you to the end of your goal neither will one off day.

This goes for over the holiday period as well as every other day through the year. The journey of health is a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs with no final destination and our job is to help you navigate where you feel emotionally and physically the healthiest and happiest.

Yours in health,

Katrina Mihalopoulos

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