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It’s all well and good to want to lose body fat. It’s all well and good to want to change your lifestyle for the better. It’s all well and good to want to put yourself in a calorie deficit and kickstart your fat loss journey. But what happens when things get hard?

This is something I find to be one of the biggest issues with people. Calories might dictate body composition, but you know what is more important COMPLIANCE! Too many people jump on the calorie deficit bandwagon but fail to understand that without being compliant to the process you won’t achieve any result you want.

Sometimes we need to remember that we can’t just look at the physiological factors of dieting. We need to take into immense consideration the psychological factors of dieting. If you’re not mentally prepared and willing to stick to the plan then what’s the point?

The best diet is the diet that you can and will stick to. Make sure you are mentally prepared to start your fat loss journey before you physically get underway. There will be tough times and there will be moments where you feel like giving up. It is the compliance, discipline and mental strength that will help you get through.

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