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Macronutrients are the most important thing to consider when it comes to your nutrition.

They are forms of energy measured in kilocalories (kcal) which over time has been shortened to calories and each serve different functions in the body.

They include the main macros protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as the lesser known macros, fibre and alcohol.

Each macronutrient contains a certain number of calories per gram:

Protein = 4 calories

Carbs = 4 calories

Fats = 9 calories

Fibre = 1-3 calories

Alcohol = 7 calories

A healthy body composition is a ratio of lean muscle higher than that of body fat.

Protein, carbs and fats are the most important macronutrients when it comes to making changes in body composition.

They each play important roles in our body’s ability to build muscle and power our bodies and can be altered to elicit changes in our body composition.

If you want to transform your physique, create a healthier lifestyle, get physically and mentally stronger or develop a more strategic approach to training and nutrition, contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION. Don’t wait for the chance to change your life, make it happen!

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