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MENSTRUAL CYCLE DYSFUNCTION 4. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)

Rather than a dysfunction, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is an adaptive strategy of the body ​when in an extreme state of stress.

When the female body is subjected to extreme stresses such us consistent undereating, ​overtraining, chronic work stress, surgery or emotional trauma from a death or break-up, ​the body effectively adapts.

​Recognising this stress, the hypothalamus downregulates systems in the body to conserve ​energy with the reproductive system usually being the first to shut down.

​Females that suffer HA will have low estrogen, progesterone and luteinising hormone which ​can be determined through bloodwork.

​Conventional medicine prescribes the Pill to help ‘regulate hormones’. The Pill does not ​regulate hormones and is dangerous for women who have HA as there is already a ​miscommunication between the hypothalamus and the ovaries.

The Pill only shuts down this ​communication pathway more.

​Non-conventional treatment requires targeting nutrition through a greater intake of ​carbohydrates, healthy fats and a surplus of calories overall.

Outside stressors such as work, ​training and lifestyle will need to be looked at and adjusted and supplementation may also ​be needed to support adrenal and ovarian function

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