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Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT involves activities of the daily routine outside of the structured training sessions that you complete.

This plays a big role in energy consumption and therefore aids in fat and/or weight loss.

These tasks can be performed on a regular basis and can be used for obesity control. A great example is ensuring a step count is met every day regardless of whether you’re doing structured training or not. .

A goal of a minimum of 8000 steps should be set as studies have shown that 8000 steps (or more), aids in the decrease of grhelin (our hunger hormone). .

Body weight is affected by a number of factors including diet, physical activity, stress, and genetics. When an individual lives a sedentary lifestyle and are constantly changing dietary patterns (in other words, not moving and consistently NOT following a solid nutrition plan), this has a negative effect on weight and thus are the main culprits for weight gain and obesity.

Something that overweight and/or obese people usually resort to is diet control or workouts for weight control. These measures are not very easy to follow. With work and other engagements, people are very easy to push training aside and therefore find it too difficult to take out time for exercising and gym trips.

For individuals, NEAT offers an efficient and effortless way of losing weight. Unfortunately this is very much overlooked as a great tool to assist with the goal of fat loss.

LIFESTYLE is the first of 4 main focus areas that I like to ensure my clients understand and the

education on what is a healthy lifestyle is vital for initial results and continued results

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