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The most important macronutrient to consider when programming your nutrition for body composition outcomes is protein. Protein is the building block of muscle as well as all of your tissues, from organs to your skin, hair and nails. Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is the naturally occurring process of laying down new muscle proteins. Muscle protein breakdown (MPB) is the naturally occurring process of breaking down old and damaged muscle proteins. These two processes are always happening simultaneously. To create a healthy body composition, you need to create an environment where MPS exceeds MPB to ensure the body remains in an anabolic state and continues to build and maintain its lean muscle. Lean muscle keeps our bodies healthy and strong. It gives our bodies shape, increases our metabolic rate and prevents injury. There are a number of ways to trigger MPS, but when it comes to nutrition, the most reliable one is to eat more protein. Increasing the amount of protein you consume in a day will increase the levels of free amino acids in the blood, triggering an increase in MPS. Consuming enough protein each day on a consistent basis will keep your body in an anabolic state, minimise muscle catabolism and allow you to progress towards your body composition goals faster. If you want to transform your physique, create a healthier lifestyle, get physically and mentally stronger or develop a more strategic approach to training and nutrition, contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION. Don’t wait for the chance to change your life, make it happen!

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