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Keto advocates will push that by keeping carbohydrates low, the body will no longer release insulin and that fat will be used as the primary energy source, claiming that fat will not be stored by the body.

Your body can still store fat, even when your carb intake is zero, and if you eat more fat than you need, you will still store it as body fat.

High Carb vs Low Carb

A higher carb diet will not make you fat. Research shows that calories and protein being equal, there is no difference in fat loss whether you are at a higher carb intake or not.

What can happen when on a lower carb diet is that you experience more satiety than on a higher carb diet and therefore not feel like eating as often.

Intermittent Fasting

There is no evidence to prove that eating in a defined window of time will have a better fat loss result than eating smaller meals across the day.

This approach may suit your lifestyle better and may stop you from snacking but there is no difference in fat loss between a fasting protocol compared to a non-fasting protocol where calories are equal.

The health and fitness industry is saturated with different approaches to the best diet for fat loss. What does make the difference is the total energy balance each day and whether it is a sustainable approach for you.

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