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Optimising Blood Sugar Levels and Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Type 2 Diabetes in a lifestyle disease. Unfortunately this lifestyle disease is becoming more and more common.

The realisation that we MUST make better decisions with our nutrition and movement is starting to become more understood, but the choices people make regarding their health is very frustrating for me when speaking to many individuals about what they eat and their movement (or lack of!) on a daily basis.

One analogy that I like to use is that if your car has a problem, you worry about it to no points end and you do everything possible and spend whatever money you need to spend to find the solution to problem and therefore fix it.

My frustration with many people is that there is a lack of care for their own body. If your car doesn’t work anymore, you can most likely buy another one. If you body get damaged to the point of no return, you can’t get another one.

The amount of people I see taking tablets to mask a problem that can easily be FIXED with the right lifestyle choices implemented is very disappointing.

Optimising blood sugars and improving insulin sensitivity is critical for weight loss, for muscle mass gains and for optimal performance.

Improving insulin sensitivity improves ‘nutrient partitioning’ which determines whether the foods you eat are being stored

as fat or used for muscle glycogen and muscle repair.

Here are some tips to help improve insulin sensitivity, which MAY help reverse type II diabetes.

1. Take a brisk 10 minute walk after meals (exercise is TWICE as effective as the popular drug Metformin for blood sugar control).

2. LOSE WEIGHT!!! (everyone who loses body fat lower their blood sugars as well as their cholesterol and blood pressure).

3. Salt your food.

4. Eat a carrot daily.

5. Eat 2 whole eggs daily (choline in the yolks helps regulate blood sugars).

6. Daily Magnesium

The sooner you implement these tips into your day, the sooner you’ll improve your health. If you know anyone with blood sugar problems or even type II diabetes, encourage them to introduce these tips into their day!

Yours in Health,

Coach Anthony Kassis

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