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One of the most prevalent ideas in fitness today is that of quality vs quantity. The amount of training volume we do and its relation to quality parameters like training form.

Several great studies from recent years have pointed our attention toward the importance of volume for gym progress. In other words, doing more work tends to deliver better results, to a point of course.

While I wholeheartedly agree that volume matters a lot, I don't necessarily agree with the methods and habits some people use to get the work in every week. Technique and movement are still KING in training, and quality reps will always yield far greater results then trying to get a whole lot of work done in one session

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your session for anything. Doing a high quantity of exercises, even though you may think you are doing the correct thing, can have a negative effect on your results.

When technique is sacrificed for a high quantity of reps, sets and exercises, the risk of injury is increased and majority of the time the intent towards each rep, set and exercise is lost due to fatigue

Always remember, QUALITY over QUANTITY

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