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Understanding the affect certain foods have on you is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are aware of the choices you’re making

I don’t believe in drastic, fast tracked plans that deprive your body of vital nutrients

I believe in a sustained approach that, yes takes a little longer than one may want, but is able to be sustained for many years of understood properly

The satiety index is a great resource for all people to get a better understanding of how satiating certain foods are on our body

Do you feel hungry after certain foods?

Do you crave something sweet after certain foods?

Are you always satisfied after certain foods?

The ‘why’ behind your answers to the above questions can be understood using the satiety index as it lists foods in either a ‘high satiety’ or ‘low satiety’ range

High Satiety - very satisfied after a small - moderate amount

Low Satiety - takes a lot more consumption to feel satisfied and potentially could crave more

You be the judge for what works for YOU

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