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Some say programming is an art and some say that programming is a science. I tend to believe that it is a bit of both.

Think about how programs are created. There must always be a sound reasoning for why you prescribe something, at least there better be!

Within that program comes historic experiences of what has worked and what hasn’t, assessment of that specific athlete, consultation with that athlete that leads you to either include or exclude volume/intensity/specific movements.

What happens if you happened to catch your client after a tough day at work and your consult with them pointed you in a direction that they were over worked? Would you over program them with work? Of course not.

Without continued learning, over time, around your clients you will not be able to get them moving in the right direction immediately. Sure, sometimes a program just hits the mark spot on right away, but the program should always organically improve as you learn about your client’s tendencies and as your client learns about his/her capacity for the training.

So, to create a great program you must think scientifically and creatively in unison.

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