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The Benefits Of Interval Training

Many people feel that it is a necessity for them to do cardio training pre or post a resistance workout or even as an entire workout. Why? I’m not too sure. I’m not sure why people feel they should do cardio in order to lose fat.

I drive past many gyms and see countless people walking and jogging on treadmills and I always say to myself, they could be doing a much better workout. 

At my training centre, there are no treadmills. Why? Because I am a believer in effective training. I am a believer in using your time efficiently. I am a believer in ensuring that you understand how the body responds to all types of training and using that to your advantage. 

Long-term cardio (i.e. 20 minutes or more of the same paced cardio) does very little for you. A high amount of effort is generally put into the workout, but very little is gained from the workout. 

Interval training (otherwise known as H.I.I.T Training) is the most effective form of cardio that anyone could ever do. Why? Because of the many benefits that it has to the body. 

Here are three reasons why Interval Training is great to incorporate into your training:

1. Lose Body Fat – the biggest way that interval training has been proven to be better then your traditional cardio training is by the way it leads to a higher reduction in body fat when you compare the two. For example, a training cycle that had the subjects participate in intervals of 8 seconds ON and 12 seconds OFF produced an average of 12kg of fat loss in 15 weeks. In comparison, the group that participated in long-term same paced cardio showed no change in body fat over the 15 week period. 

2. Triggers Protein Synthesis, Maintaining Muscle – most people don’t understand the great benefits that keeping muscle cells healthy has on the body especially for fat loss goals. The true power of exercise for producing fat loss is in its ability to build muscle because this increase the total calories burnt throughout the course of the day, everyday.

3. Greater Energy Burnt In Your Workout – interval training taps into a much higher form of energy burning, meaning that more calories are burnt in your workout and the effectiveness of your workout is much higher. This is what you want when you look for effective fat loss training.

The next time you train, ensure your workout for the day is one that is effective and will get your body to respond the way that it should to ensure you lose that unwanted body fat and get fit FAST. 

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