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Another benefit of massage is an improvement in circulation and lymphatic flow.

Through the manipulation of soft tissue, there is increased vasodilation which is the process of widening the blood vessels and bringing them closer to the skin’s surface.

As the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels relax, this reduces blood pressure and allows more blood to be transported through the body.

Another benefit to circulation is increased capillarisation.

This increase to the number of capillaries surrounding a muscle increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen that can be transported from blood to muscle.

This can improve your bodies healing process from training and overall muscle health and energy.

Massage can also increase the venous return, which is the rate of blood flow back to the heart. Increasing venous return helps to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation allowing the blood to efficiently pick up metabolic waste products and toxins within the lymph flow.

Improved lymphatic circulation strengthens the body’s immune system and can also help drain excess fluids from swelling, reduce pain and assist the healing process of an injury.

Yours in health,

Katherine Messinis

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