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1. Consistency

2. Patience

3. Discipline

I bet my life some of you were hoping for a quick fix plan that will take away all of your problems and give you fast results?

The truth is, the more you show of those 3 things listed, the faster ANY result will come.

Despite what many people in my industry will tell you on social media, there is no ‘one way’ or ‘set plan’ for everyone to follow that will guarantee the same result for each person. If there was, there wouldn’t be a need for people like me.

There are principles that are followed which don’t change and they are all applied to an individual who presents with certain circumstances.

For example, if I get someone who is highly strung and who’s body is under a tremendous amount of stress, there is not much I can do with their training and nutrition until I manage that stress better so that what I do with their training and nutrition is actually effective. Training really hard and big calorie deficits isn’t always the answer. In most cases I find them to be the problem.

Another example is if I get someone who is eating very low amounts of food, (Yes, 1200kcal is a very low amount of food), and they have fat loss goals. I won’t be decreasing their food intake even more. My years of education tells me that this isn’t the smart approach for long term, sustainable results so I must encourage the individual to eat more food and educate them on why it’s integral to improving their health, improving their digestion, and to mitigate the stress build up that’s been caused FIRST before thinking about a calorie deficit.

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