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Do you ever have sore shoulders performing a Dumbbell Lateral Raise?

Are you struggling to feel the contraction of your medial deltoid?

Can you feel your traps and upper back doing all the work?

If you answered yes to one of those 3 questions then this post is for you. As you take a lateral raise to its full range of motion it is very common for the trapezius and other upper back muscles to take over. This will result in less tension being placed on your medial deltoid and therefore the purpose for the exercise becomes lost.

In this photo I am performing a lateral raise but with the optimal range of motion to allow for maximal activation of the lateral head of the deltoid. As you can see I am only using 7kg dumbbells but the burn is very significant when utilising this technique as it allows for the contraction to remain on the deltoid.

Aim to hit anywhere between 12-20+ reps and be ready for a great pump!!

Yours in health,

Alex Kassis

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