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The importance of sleep in relation to muscle growth

Proper sleep is often overlooked as a critical factor when it comes to maximising muscle gains.

What happens during sleep? Well, during sleep protein synthesis increases, repair of muscle fibres and the building of new tissue occur.

The release of Growth Hormone while sleeping has an important role in the protein synthesis process and in the increase of muscle mass and muscle volume.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which increases muscle tissue breakdown and inhibits protein synthesis. Although it’s levels change with the circadian cycle, studies have shown that sleep, on its own, decreases cortisol levels, regardless of the time of the day. As your cortisol levels decrease while sleeping, it's smart to take advantage of this period to promote the synthesis of muscle mass.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone which contributes to muscle mass synthesis. Studies have been showing lower testosterone levels in individuals with a poor sleep quality and quantity.

Sleep is such a vital part of our lives and if you are an individual who wants to make the most of every opportunity to promote muscle growth then make sure your sleep is in order!

Yours in health

Coach Alex Kassis

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