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What I need to ensure when working with a client is that they are educated on WHY they are doing what they are doing and how it will work for them.

I do this because with each client that I work with, there is always a different approach that I take. This is based on many things, but the main things that I take into account are:

1. Lifestyle - what they do on a daily basis and how they manage their stress (if they do at all!). I ensure that they improve their quality of sleep as this is the easiest way to manage stress and have a targeted step count per day to ensure NEAT levels are met everyday.

2. Nutrition - what are they doing with their eating. Do they have a plan? Do they eat whatever they feel like? I ensure that they are given a plan that's set for them based on their body’s energy requirements and then alter those requirements based on their goals.

3. Training - I ensure that their training program caters to their current strength and fitness levels with the intention of consistently increasing training volume and/or intensity. This is how I ensure progression. Again this is based on their goals. My system caters to individuals of all fitness and strength levels.

4. Education - I always make sure that I COACH my clients. I find that this is a very important factor that most Personal Trainers don’t do enough of. Consistently teaching someone how to look after themselves, how to have contingency plans, how to train with correct technique, how to eat on a daily basis, how to sleep better, how to develop better daily habits, etc. are all a part of being a good coach. I strive to be a good coach.

Yours In Health,

Coach Anthony Kassis

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