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The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Muscle: Tips and Strategies for Maximum Results.

So we all know the best way to lose body fat is a calorie deficit. But what about building lean muscle mass?

Before I delve into this as simply as I can, forget everything you know about the common misconception of ' Dirty Bulking'. Thats just a fast way to put on Kilograms of body weight which is mainly made up of fat not lean muscle tissue.

Now then, building lean muscle mass can be tough for some and easier for others.Our genetic make up plays a big role in this process but I am going to briefly delve into a dew ways in which you can maximise your muscle growth regardless.

Tip 1 - Use a small calorie surplus - As much fun as it might sound to stuff your face fun of food every moment of the day, this approach will ultimately leave you feeling fat, full , bloated and with a long road ahead to getting back into any type of decent shape. The smart way to do it is to use a 'lean bulk' approach and gain weight in a slow and steady fashion.

Tip 2 - Apply Progressive Overload - Progressive overload is the act of increasing volume, intensity, frequency or time to put the body under tension above.

Tip 3 Eat enough Protein - consuming enough protein is vital in building muscle as it allows the body to maintain high levels of muscle protein synthesis. A good way to make sure you are eating enough protein is to consume at least 2.2g of protein per kg of body weight.

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