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We have all been there; we get to a social event with the intention to stick to our plan and are pressured by others into eating or drinking; here are some quick responses to common ones that I hear.

“It’s the Holidays! You are allowed to indulge”

You are definitely right, I am allowed to indulge however I have an event I am working towards and have decided that it’s more important to me that I get there.

“Come on just have one drink with me”

I would love to but you know after one drink I won’t be able to stop and I have training early tomorrow so I appreciate it but will give it a miss.

“It’s only one piece of cake! It won’t ruin your progress?”

You are right, one piece of cake won’t ruin my progress but I have found during my training that certain foods really upset my body days after eating them and I am feeling so great at the moment that I want to keep enjoying the rest of the festive season.

“If you have one then I will too!”

You should have as much as you want! This is your holiday period too but for me celebrating this year means I don’t have any as I don’t want any.

“I made this especially for you!”

I appreciate the thought so much, you know how much I love your cooking, I would love it if you could make it again for me at a time after I have reached my goal as I know I won’t enjoy it as much if I have it today.

“You already look so great! You should treat yourself today”

Thank you so much but my main focus is on feeling great and for me that comes from what I put in my body.

Yours in health,

Katrina Mihalopoulos

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