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Too often I see nutrition become some sort of cult where if you are following a certain way of eating you aren’t ‘fitting in’. In an age where we are so diverse with our thinking and are open minded, it’s funny how backwards our way of thinking is when it comes to nutrition

There are a lot of coaches and other fitness enthusiasts who will agree with me when I say, “there isn’t a One Size Fits All approach” when it comes to nutrition.

Each individual requires a different amount of calories and macros. Each individual requires a different plan that will allow them to remain compliant.

Some people prefer keto, low carb, high carb, intermittent fasting etc. Some people are vegan, some eat meat, some don’t like certain foods. All of the above is okay, as long as it’s a plan that you feel comfortable and are willing to stick to

Gone are the days that we have to all follow one path because we need to ‘fit in’. As a coach the best advice I can give is find a plan that you can stick to.

Whatever it may be, dependant on your goals, find a diet that you know will suit your lifestyle. This will allow you to have a higher level of compliance towards your nutrition and your overall goals

Do you, be you, and follow what you know will work for YOU

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