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VERY IMPORTANT WHEN WANTING TO LOSE BODY FAT Support Digestion With Digestive Enzymes

Another trick for supporting digestion and fat loss is to make sure you have healthy levels of digestive enzymes to break down food. Adequate digestive enzymes will allow your body to completely digest food, improving the absorption of protein, calcium, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, iron, and other basic nutrients.

Better digestion and absorption of protein and nutrients will support protein synthesis and the development of lean body mass, while helping you avoid deficiencies that can cause poor health which has a negative affect on fat loss.

Researchers suggest that the Western population’s overuse of antacid medications—to counter acid reflux, which is typically produced by a poor diet—results in chronically low levels of digestive enzymes, which in turn has a very bad affect on digestion, and the absorption of protein.

These researchers caution against the use of antacids and encourage the population to improve their daily eating which will improve digestive enzymes levels for better protein absorption

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