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You cannot get fat by eating ‘clean’

Fact: You can get fat by eating anything providing you are in a caloric surplus.

Firstly, let me start by saying that the term ‘clean eating’ has lead to individuals going from one extreme with food, with never consuming anything out of the realm of ‘clean food’ to the next, where they taste ‘dirty food’ and then have zero self-control.

My trainers and I see this all the time and the thing that should be taught IS NOT being taught, and that’s balance.

To me is very useful to ensure that my clients eat clean foods, but I prefer to use the term ‘whole foods’, which are minimally processed, naturally healthier foods. Think meat, poultry, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds as great examples of ‘whole foods’.

I totally agree with basing a diet around these types of foods, no matter what a client’s goal. But it is still possible to overeat on such foods. Don’t forget a few things:

1. What you eat will determine how you FEEL

2. How much you eat will determine how you LOOK

3. Energy Balance is KEY when it comes to fat loss/fat gain

4. Carbohydrates have storage points in the body

5. Fats have storage points in the body

‘Clean’ foods tend to be more satisfying than more processed foods due to their higher fibre content, they are generally more dense and require longer to digest, and they tend to have greater food volume (i.e. you need more rice then bread to make up 100grams of carbs).

It is much harder to overeat on a diet consisting of ‘clean’ foods in comparison to processed foods, but it definitely is possible.

Always keep in mind this term:

- ENERGY BALANCE - Calories In vs Calories Out

When you understand that this is the key to fat loss/fat gain, you can overeat on sweet potato, for example, and therefore consume too many calories. You can overeat on avocadoes, for example, and therefore consume too many calories.

Although these foods may be ‘clean’, you still need to manage how much of them you eat.

Yours in Health,

Coach Anthony Kassis

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