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alex kassis

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personal trainer

The fitness industry has been a massive part of my life since a young age. It all started for me with Rugby League, playing for the St George Illawarra Dragons.


Due to injury, I had to give it up, but found myself yearning to be back inside the gym regardless of my physical restraints. This is where my passion for helping people began.


I realised that if I was able to recover from my injuries, becoming a healthier and stronger individual; then there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same for others.


Fast forward, and I am now a coach at Platinum Training Academy, running my own successful personal training business on the side, and have achieved success as a competitive Mens Physique Athlete.


I have competed in three bodybuilding shows and have placed top three in each. Although generally being a shy and quiet person, on that stage I always make sure to have as much fun as possible, while showing off my discipline and dedication to get my body as lean as possible.


A goof ball on and off the stage, every person that meets me knows that I don’t take anything too seriously. We have only one life, so I strive to live it to the fullest.


I specialise in Fat Loss, Rehabilitation, Physique Prep Coaching, and Strength Training. My goal is to coach and inspire anyone wanting to change their lifestyle for the better and create the best version of themselves.


Health and Fitness is my passion, and I make sure that each and every client who crosses my path maintains a smile on their face and feels good about themselves, both mentally and physically.

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