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Times are crazy at the moment. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding when gyms will reopen, causing people to lose focus and direction in regards to their body composition goals

DO NOT STRESS, you can still continue to achieve your goals even from home. Whatever your goal is, the basic principles we apply to our nutrition prior to the closure of gyms, should still apply now

The principles of ENERGY BALANCE still apply. Managing our caloric intake and energy expenditure should still be of a high priority in this point of time.

Yes, unfortunately due to current restrictions our ability to stay physically active has been impacted, therefore resulting in the ‘energy out’ aspect of the equation to be less. However that doesn’t mean we can’t manipulate the ‘energy in’ aspect of the equation

Energy in refers to the calories or energy we consume through food/drink. This is what is important, as we can alter the amount of calories we consume based on how much our energy output has been impacted.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting to eat 1200 calories a day or even starve yourself. What I am saying is, the basic principles of energy balance should still be applied even in this current pandemic

Based on how much your physical activity levels have been effected, it will dictate how you recalculate your total caloric intake. This isn’t an excuse for you to sit down and do nothing and just eat all day.

This is a method to use, so you understand how many calories to consume through whole nutritious foods, and how much energy you need to burn so you can continue to reach your overall physique goals

What I suggest to do is to maintain protein intake in order to retain lean body mass, and alter the calories from carbs/fats (individually dependant).

Remind yourself, this is just another hurdle in your way to reaching your end goal

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