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Don’t undo all the hard work you have put in just because it’s the weekend! I see so many people struggling to lose body fat and drop that unwanted weight due to overeating when the weekend comes

Just because you have eaten well and stuck to your meal plan, calories and macro count from Monday to Friday, it doesn’t mean that you can splurge on Saturday and Sunday

For example, if you’re goal for the day is 2000kcal. Over a whole week that’s a total intake of 14,000kcal.

From Monday - Friday you’re perfect with your nutrition and don’t deviate from the plan. The weekend comes, and you believe that you deserve to overindulge with your food.

On Saturday you consume 3000kcal. On Sunday you consume 3000kcal. The total of those two days is 6000kcal. If you calculate the weeks worth of calories consume, that’s 16,000 calories!

But your prescribed weekly calorie intake was 14,000??? Do the maths...

This is a HUGE reason why people struggle to lose body fat. Don’t think that just because you start the week off well, you deserve to splurge and overeat.

Stick within your calorie intake 7 days a week and don’t deviate from your total calorie consumption and macronutrient count.

Working your favourite food items into your daily/weekly calorie intake so you don’t splurge and continue stick to the plan is a great option to ensure you stay on track.

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