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The Benefits Of Omega 3

Omega 3 is otherwise known as FISH OIL to many people and in my opinion, everyone should ensure they supplement on omega 3 because it has so many benefits to our health.

I am going to list 3 reasons explaining why Omega 3 supplementation is so good.

1. Fish Oil can help you lose body fat - it allows for better insulin sensitivity which is a key factor in fat loss. If you have poor insulin sensitivity you will find it very hard to lose fat and it will take a very long time (which can get frustrating!).

2. Fish Oil will decrease inflammation, enhancing body composition - inflammation is very damaging to our body and to our cells. Fish oil ensures that this inflammation can be eliminated as fast as possible and your body can function at it's most optimal level.

3. Fish Oil increases your metabolism - in order for your body to burn off any and all unwanted fat, your metabolism needs to be constantly active throughout your day. Fish Oil plays a big role in ensuring that your metabolism stays as active as it needs to be so that your body is able to lean out as quickly as possible.

I hope you've found this post educational and enjoyable to read

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