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The Benefits Of Whey Protein

There are many people who don't believe in supplementing on protein and that's fine, but I'm someone who believes that when it's used post training and/or as a snack so that your body does not turn catabolic (eat at itself for energy), it is a beneficial and helpful tool.

Here are 3 reasons why WHEY PROTEIN is great.

1. A Superior Source Of Protein - whey protein is considered a high quality protein source as it contains all essential amino acids as well as many non essential ones too. It's easily digestible by the body and can be quickly absorbed by the gut compared to other protein powders such as casein, rice and soy. It's also very high in leucine, (the most important essential amino acid for triggering protein synthesis and muscle growth).

2. Improve Insulin Sensitivity - most people think that supplementing on whey protein powder causes an insulin spike and that insulin spike can be bad for your insulin management. However, studies have shown that the insulin increase in not a bad thing and that consistent whey protein supplementation leads to better insulin sensitivity and healthier blood sugar management.

3. Reduce Body Fat - whey protein has been found to play a great role in the reduction of body fat as it helps with the following:

  • Suppression Of Appetite - helps keep you full between meals if used as a snack and even as a post workout shake.

  • Increased Metabolic Rate - protein elevates energy expenditure which means that the body has to work harder to digest it and therefore you burn more fat.

  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity For Greater Fat Burning - when your body is insulin RESISTANT, it struggles with burning off sugars that you consume. When your body is insulin SENSITIVE it is more efficient in its sugar burning and therefore your body's ability to drop body fat is much higher and more effective.

So there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed the read and now understand that Whey Protein is actually good for you.

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