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The Benefits Of Zinc

The Benefits of Zinc | Platinum Training Academy

As promised, I have put together some information for you to read and learn from highlighting the benefits of supplementing on zinc.

Yes, I do supplement on zinc as I understand how beneficial it is to my health and daily functioning. It does work and if you use a high quality zinc supplement, it WILL benefit you.

The following reasons will explain further why zinc is great for our overall health and functioning.

1. Improve Sleep, Cognition and Energy Levels - zinc plays a vital role in the metabolism of melatonin (a key hormone for healthy sleep). Zinc also regulates dopamine, and energising neurotransmitter that allows you to have drive and focus. It's also a part of an enzyme that builds fatty acids in the brain membrane. This is very important because a key part in supporting brain health is to ensure that the brain membrane receives the nutrients that it needs.

2. A great Antioxidant - the purpose of an antioxidant is to get rid of free radicals that cause damage to the cells in our body. Zinc also targets free radicals that cause inflammation throughout the body.

3. Become more sensitive to Insulin - zinc plays a big role in the regulation of many hormones, especially insulin. Having a healthy zinc level plays a at least 3 roles in insulin health.

First, zinc binds to insulin and ensures that it is adequately stored in the pancreas and only released when there is glucose in the bloodstream.

Second, zinc improves cell health which makes up a component of the parts necessary for insulin to bind the glucose so that glucose can actually be used as fuel.

Third, Zinc gets rid of substances that cause inflammation in cells, helping to preserve cell health and insulin sensitivity.

So there it is!

I hope you enjoyed the read and you found it educational

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