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H.I.I.T training can be an addictive style of training, with people drawn to the feeling of challenging their bodies and the post-workout high they get from it.

Recently, H.I.I.T training has become more popular with certain fitness chains only offering that style of training with little to no knowledge of their client’s lifestyles.

The problem with this is, H.I.I.T training is a very demanding style of training and to get the most benefit from it, there needs to be sufficient recovery in the form of diet and rest between sessions.

H.I.I.T training can exhaust the autonomic nervous system especially if you are already in sympathetic dominance from outside stress factors.

It can elicit a high cortisol response and lead to overtraining and increased risk of injury.

To get the most out of H.I.I.T training, it should be programmed 1-2 times per week in conjunction with adequate strength and mobility training.

Focus on post-workout nutrition and recovery to bring you back into a parasympathetic state to calm your nervous system back down.

Give yourself active rest days in the form of walking, yoga or pilates to allow your body to heal between sessions.

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