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When you push yourself past what you’re comfortable doing, you then find out what you’re truly capable of

THEN the momentum starts to build

I want to let you in on a little secret….

Your session starts WAY before you start moving weights

It starts when you’re driving to the gym. It starts during your warm up. It starts the second you walk into the gym

This is why so many of you will get to your main work and either really struggle and almost fail or simply buckle at the sight of extra effort


Get out of the thought pattern that you have to be at the gym and start thinking that you WANT to be there

Remember that you have an opportunity to make yourself better than you were yesterday

Train with intent. Train to become better. Train to test yourself.

Don’t train to just ‘burn calories’. Don’t train to just ‘get it done’

You’ll get more out of your training when you WANT to perform well with everything that you do

Yours in health,

Anthony Kassis

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