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Let’s talk about mindset. When I say mindset I don’t mean you waking up one day motivated to look after yourself. That may be all well and good, but what about the next day? The next week? The next month? The next year?

Your mindset isn’t just a one off thing. Your mindset is a constant battle you need to face in order to grow as an individual. Your mindset will always determine how you perceive life, how you look after yourself, and how you treat everyone around you.

In terms of health, a lot of people disregard the importance of their mindset. The way you think will factor in to just how much you prioritise your health. For some, even thinking about going for a walk is too much as there mind is so full of external factors constantly stressing them out.

Before you even start thinking about dieting and training, your first step should be improving and creating a positive mindset. This will allow you to maintain your motivation when it comes to training and nutrition.

If you are a person who struggles to grasp this concept then I want you to take a moment and think about the four most important things in your life. Once you have those four things, relate them back to how your health will effect them. This will give you an understanding of how important your mindset is to your daily life and overall health.

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