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3. Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Types of PCOS

3. Inflammatory PCOS

The third type of PCOS is inflammatory PCOS. Chronic inflammation can stimulate the ovaries to make too much testosterone and is a contributing factor to every type of PCOS.

The treatment for inflammatory PCOS is to identify the underlying source of inflammation and correct it. This could include avoiding food sensitivities such as gluten or dairy to correct an underlying gut problem or addressing chronic muscle activation.

If you have PCOS symptoms and chronic inflammation this could be the cause of unexplained IBS, autoimmune diseases, headaches, joint pain and skin conditions.

4. Adrenal PCOS

Most women who have PCOS will have elevated levels of all androgens including testosterone and androstenedione from the ovaries and DHEA from the adrenal glands.

If there is only elevated DHEAs but normal levels of testosterone and androstenedione, then this could mean adrenal PCOS.

Adrenal PCOS is not driven by insulin resistance or inflammation, it’s an upregulation of andrenal androgens. It can be treated with magnesium, zinc, liquorice, adaptogenic herbs and vitamin B five.

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