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The Brain - Part 12 Sleep Deprivation – Part 5

Have you ever slept for a longer period than normal but woken up still feeling “groggy”?

That is because sleep quality is just as, if not more important than quantity. When we sleep we go through cycles of REM (rapid eye movement) and Non – Rem Sleep.

During NREM sleep, the body - repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscles; and strengthens the immune system.

During REM sleep different parts of the brain are activated such as the amygdala. REM sleep plays an important role in dreaming, memory, emotional processing, and healthy brain development.

The majority of our REM sleep occurs later in our sleep and this is why people who have shorter periods of rest don’t get as much and can find they often experience difficulty concentrating, sleepiness through the day and forgetfulness or poor memory.

Conditions associated with sleep deprivation include REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder, Narcolepsy, Nightmare Disorder and Sleep Apnoea.

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